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Your Source for Pool and Hot Tub supplies in the Southtowns!


    Please note that we have moved to the back of the building.  The new entrance is on the side. 

    We sell these and other products in our store:
  • Pool Products
    *Guardex Pool Chemicals - a complete line of products for chlorine- and bromine-based pool care systems (
    *SNAP System - a chlorine-based, once-a-week, two-step pool care system
    *Clear Comfort - a chlorine-free, bromine-free pool care system; completely compatible with Baquacil
    *Filter sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), and filter cartridges (including those for inflatable pools)
    *Automatic pool cleaners
    *Solar Covers
    *Winter Covers and winterizing products
    *Toys, lounges, floats, and learn-to-swim products
    *Pool pumps, filters, and pump/filter systems
    *Replacement parts (special-order service available)
    *Hoses, connectors, and adapters

    Hot Tub Products
    *Spa Essentials Hot Tub Chemicals-a complete line of products for chlorine- and bromine-based water care systems (see
  • *Nature 2, a mineral sanitizer system that offers an alternative to chlorine or bromine (
    *BaquaSpa Hot Tub Chemicals-a chlorine-free, bromine-free water care system (
    *Being and Insparations Aromatherapy for spa or bath- scents available in full-size bottles, sample packs, and candles(
    *Hot Tub accessories such as spa pillows, chemical floaters, thermometers, hand-operated hot tub vacuums, cleaning equipment, and replacement covers
  • *Filter cartridges - we can special-order nearly any cartidge ever made!


Miscellaneous Products




*Gift Certificates are always available      

*Concord Country Candles        


In-Store Water Analysis Station

Sunsational Pools offers Pinpoint Water Analysis year-round, and always free of charge. This service is available for both pool and hot tub water, no matter what chemical system you use. Simply bring us about a pint of water in a clean plastic container, and have information about your sanitizer, gallonage of your pool or hot tub, and filter type available. The analysis takes about five minutes, and can be done while you wait.  If you would rather, you can drop off a sample and stop back later for the results.

In-Ground Pool Restoration, Remodelling, Resurfacing, and Repair Services
If your in-ground swimming pool needs repair work, resurfacing, or new parts, call our store at 716-592-0361. Sunsational has been providing these services since 1996. We will take down your information and someone will call you back to answer any specific questions you may have and to arrange a time to see the pool and give you an estimate.

Opening and Closing Services
Sunsational Pools offers opening and closing services for all types of swimming pools. Please call 716-592-0361 for current pricing and scheduling information.

More Company Information

We are a family owned and operated business committed to providing quality products to our community at reasonable prices. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us.

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